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Individuals are more effective when communication channels are open and collaborative ideas are encouraged. MPB prides itself on the team aspect which is why we choose to be co-located in Annapolis, Maryland. This open communication helps new ideas flow rapidly, and keeps the feedback loop tight resulting in timely, high-quality results for our clients.


Valerie Simeral

President & Owner

Valerie, President, and Owner of MPB Commodities joined MPB in 2016, after spending 10+ years in the defense industry. Her experience across engineering, program management, and strategic planning and analysis has translated into MPB through the innovation of the business model and further development of MPB's capabilities. Responsible for architecture, management, and implementation of our Ceres Software, Valerie was able to leverage her competence in Systems Engineering and translate this into a dynamic tool enabling automation, efficiency, and visibility within the commodities industry. Her overarching focus is to drive strategic planning and thinking into the greater approach of how business is done within the commodities industry – evidenced through the dynamic reporting, planning and linkage MPB drives into their day-to-day way of doing business across commercial and logistics operations.
Office Phone: 410.897.1137
Direct Phone: 443.867.6215

Ryan Simeral

Senior Broker & Owner

Ryan, a third-generation commodity oil broker, joined MPB Commodities in 2005 and has built his career around servicing the US oils market. His expertise and connections span from US end consumers and refiners to plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia. His focus is on building global relationships that support the oils market for buyers and suppliers alike. His knowledge continues MPB’s unique legacy within Tropical Oils and brings forth to the US marketspace transparency in pricing, rigorous S&D analysis, daily snapshots of market activity and long-term established shipping programs that drive efficiency and economies of scale to the US market. His unique connections and focus on tropicals origination enables MPB’s innovation across risk management within tropicals, and strategic focus on shipping programs to the East Coast, Gulf, West Coast and Rotterdam. Ryan is an established and stable fixture within MPB as an owner and innovator within the industry. He looks to continue transforming the brokerage industry through continued investments in MPB’s internal capabilities providing value-added support to buyer’s and suppliers alike.
Office Phone: 410.729.6678
Direct Phone: 410.775.9042

Our Team

Kevin Flanagan

Senior Broker

Office Phone: 410.729.6678
Direct Phone: 410.775.9045

Steve Luster

Senior Broker

Office Phone: 410.729.6678
Direct Phone: 410.775.9049

Brian Shultz

Senior Broker

Office Phone: 410.729.6678
Direct Phone: 410.775.9076

Jessica Hecht

Commercial Operations Manager

Office Phone: 410.729.6678
Direct Phone: 410.775.9072

Erica Cimato

Supply Chain Coordinator

Office Phone: 410.729.6678

Christa Gallo

Supply Chain Analyst

Office Phone: 410.729.6678

Patrick Emerson

Commercial Operations Specialist

Office Phone: 410.729.6678

Courtney Hangliter

Supply Chain Admin

Office Phone: 410.729.6678

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