CERES Platform

In The Palm of Your Hand

It’s Time to Get CERES about Commodities.

Since 2015, MPB has made a significant investment into our custom cloud-based commodities software suite, Ceres. Following an extensive market survey, it was determined that no option available from the box software solution met the requirements for the unique needs of the commodities market space – those being the ability to provide both logistics and commercial visibility.

Named after an industry landmark at the Chicago Board of Trade, Ceres– the goddess of grain and harvest–was engineered to drive automation, visibility, and efficiency into the commodities market space through market and logistics integration across an open architecture.

  • Tailored to Customer Needs

  • Secured & Encrypted

  • 24/7 Cloud Based

  • Real Time

CERES at a Glance

Real-Time Contract & Position Management

Intelligent Market Analysis

Integrated Logistics Solutions

The CERES platform also offers customized workflows, a 24/7 accessible portal, automated dashboards, on-demand reporting, real-time integrated logistics data, early problem identification, and automated admin support.

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